自己紹介 自我介绍 Self introduction







工作以后,学生时代的自由时间减少,所以使用外语的机会也越来越少。但是,随着近几年来日的外国人(特别是中国人)一直在增加我想给大家提供Guide Book上面没有的一些重要的信息。




How do you do, I am "Toriko".The 2X years old (current as of 2017) female of the Tokyo-to residence.I usually work for a company with foreign capital affiliate.A father, a Chinese and a mother are Japanese.The time of infancy lives in Shanghai in China, a high school-a university-and.I live in Japan at present.

Free time decreases like the social personality and school days.The chance to use Chinese and English like before is decreasing.And the foreigner who visits Japan in recent years (in particular, Chinese)It's being increased, so it isn't on a guide book.When I'd like to write an article in Japanese, Chinese and English by this blog.

I think. But, because there is a place where I'm a marginal man.There may be a strange place here and there every language.When you can pardon, it's lucky. It may be difficult.
I'd like to write some's article as every day as possible.Thank you.